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Freshly brewed ideas.

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Welcome to hot coffee creative.

Our best strategies start with pot of coffee and the desire to make an impact for our clients.



Each of our flavours have been expertly developed over time.


Inbound marketing is the practice of developing content that attracts visitors, engages leads and creates sales growing your business. Inbound marketing includes developing resources like:

  • blogs

  • white papers

  • infographics
  • social media marketing
  • lead nurturing
  • email marketing


Advertising your product is key to letting potential clients know you do what you do. Advertising has evolved today to include multiple facets. At Hot Coffee Creative, we believe to do good advertising involves:

  • Knowing your product closely

  • Understanding your goals

  • Reaching clients on their terms


Amazing creative is key to our successes. Creative involves knowing the client, knowing your product and delivering the message in a manner that connects. We specialize in developing creative for:

  • Inbound marketing

  • Advertising

  • Parts of your marketing mix

Girl Holding Take-Away Coffee


From the tone of voice your communications use, to the colours, key messages and yes the logo. Branding connects everything together. Developing a brand includes:

  • Logo design

  • tag-line development

  • colours
  • brand voice
  • brand guideline

Cold Coffee

Social Marketing

Strong social media focuses on engagement, but the best way, the way we do it, is focusing on converting those to clients. We focus on:

  • Organic content plans

  • Conversion planning

  • paid ads
  • Engagement tracking

Filtered Coffee


Having a cohesive plan with clear goals based on business growth connects all the parts of marketing into a strategy that grows your business. We focus on developing:

  • Social media plans

  • SWOT analysis

  • Digital marketing plans
  • Channel development
  • Persona development
  • Sales Strategies and tactics
  • Advertising plans

Our ingredients Alone are impressive but together they are delightful.


Glass of Milk
Cinnamon sticks
Coffee Beans



CHBA Edmonton Region Awards of Excellence

  • 2015 Finalist - Sales Centre - Jagare Ridge show home (Mecca Model)

  • 2015 Finalist - Sales Centre - Ambleside show home

  • 2016 Finalist - Best Website -

  • 2017 Finalist - Sales Centre - Jensen Lakes

  • 2017 Winner - Best Digital Marketing - Look books

  • 2018 Finalist – Sales Centre – Jagare Ridge show home (Fusion Model)

  • 2020 Finalist - Best Social Media Campaign

  • 2020 Finalist - Best Digital Marketing Campaign

  • 2021 Finalist - Best Marketing video (2)

Let's work together. 

Luke Wolters




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Creativity drives our marketing forward and pushes industries to explore new ideas. 

A curiosity of customers' audiences drives us to serve them content and marketing that connects. 

Empathy and understanding of pain points and how your products help customers lives fuels our marketing messages. 

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